A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place

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A Place for Everything

Who has heard this saying, “A place for everything and everything in its place?” It is certainly an example of something that is easier said than done. Getting and keeping my home organized does not come easy to me. It is work. However, popular shows like The Home Edit or Tidying Up with Marie Kondo show that Americans want to be organized. Perhaps they don’t necessarily know how to execute their desires. Therefore, But First, Coffee has a great informative video with 8 organizational hacks. Check it out!

Kallie Branciforte is a young wife and mother with a lovely home. She has learned from a multitude of professional organizers, tried out their tips, and found what she considers the top hacks. You can for sure make a difference in your home by implementing one tip. You can transform your home by applying all eight. Here are my favorite three.

Having Company Eyes

When we invite people to our home, I begin seeing all the piles of clutter that I have around the house. They might be in tidy little piles, but they are clutter nonetheless. I call it having company eyes. You see your house as if you were company. Otherwise, you are blind to the clutter. Branciforte’s tip is to take photos of your space. Similar to having company eyes, you see the clutter in the photograph even though you don’t notice it in person. This is a great tip to see what belongings need a designated space.

Labeling Everything

You might know where you want everything, but that does not mean that your husband or your children do. Don’t leave it up to chance. Make it clear with labels. Kallie uses a label maker. You can also handwrite them in beautiful calligraphy. The trick is to make it easy to put things in their proper place. You cannot keep an entire household organized by yourself. Labeling not only gives everyone access to the same knowledge but also trains your children to be more organized. It is a win-win.

The Two Minute Put Away

Realizing what you usually carry into your home and then knowing that you need to make it easy to put those things away is a game changer. No longer search for your keys or sunglasses. Know where they are at all times by creating a place for them by the door. Shoe piles are everyday occurences at my home, but with her system they would all have a place. Who does not have two minutes? Creating this habit will make your life smoother coming and going.

I hope you enjoyed these eight organizational hacks for Kallie Branciforte. You might have different favorites than mine. However start by implementing one tip in your home. Remember Rome was not built in one day. Give yourself time to get your home under control and then stay on top of it. Pretty soon you will have a place for everything and everything in it place.