Blueberry Picking in the Lake Conroe Area

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Blueberry Picking

Any blueberry lovers out there? Well, it is not too late for blueberry picking in the Lake Conroe area. In fact, we have two blueberry farms that open their fields to the public. You get to make memories with your friends and family by actually hand-picking the delicious berries. Keep reading to find out all the information.

Apparently the big freeze we experienced in February delayed the blueberry season. Then the bushes completely enjoyed our relatively cool spring weather. Now with the abundance of rain, the picking season continues. However, you need to go soon or it will be too late.

Where to Go

As I said before, there are two blueberry farms in the area. Here are your local options.

Moorhead’s Blueberry Farm

They are located in Conroe at 19531 Moorhead Rd. This will be their 8th week of harvest. You are invited to come today or Saturday and Sunday. You can check their website or Facebook to see if the season will prolong. They charge $3.50 a pound.

Moorhead’s Blueberry Farm offers buckets and liners, but you can bring your own bucket. They also offer ropes to free both your hands for picking.

The Sanctuary Blueberry Farm

This farm is located in Montgomery at 8430 Kinkaid Rd W. They are also open to the public for today and this Saturday. Check out their website and/or Facebook page for updates. If you are a serious picker, which by their definition means you want 12 pounds or more, then you can call them and set up an appointment to come even if they are closed. They charge $4.00 a pound, but this week are offering a discount of a $1.00 a pound for anyone picking 24 pounds or more. So if you pick 25 pounds you will pay $75.00.

If you don’t know what to do with 25 pounds of blueberries, Moorhead’s Blueberry Farm has recipes to inspire you. You can download their recipes here. They have everything from how to properly freeze the berries to jams, syrups, cakes, etc.

This week you have several opportunities to pick your own blueberries in the Lake Conroe area. Fill your summer with memorable activities right here on your own “doorstep.” Since we have had so much rain, protect yourself from mosquitos. We don’t want the memory of mosquito bites to overshadow your blueberry picking. The only thing we want blue are your fingers and lips, not your spirits.