Conroe Crossroads 2023 Music Festival

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Conroe Crossroads 2023 Music Festival begins Thursday, April 13th, and runs throughout this weekend. There will be 40 different performances within the four-day festival at eleven venues in the Conroe area. To find out more information, keep reading.

What is Conroe Crossroads?

This music festival began last year. Therefore, this year is its 2nd annual festival. They hope that each year gets better and better. The purpose of this festival is to celebrate musicians of different genres of music in Montgomery County. From Zydeco to Country Music, the festival offers variety to satisfy practically anyone’s musical preferences.


You will need tickets to get into the evening performances in the different venues. These performances begin at 6 p.m. and play until closing. Click here to purchase tickets in advance online. You can also buy tickets at the box office located at The Ferm Meadery, 225 Simonton St. It is in downtown Conroe. If you are low on cash and love live music, then you should know that daytime performances are open to the public. For the Conroe Crossroads 2023 schedule, click here.

Venues and Performers

As I said before, eleven venues are involved in hosting live music performances this year—venues like 202 Main, The Ferm, The Red Brick Tavern, and Pacific Yard Tavern. For a complete list, click here.

There is an even longer list of performers scheduled to play this year. Artists like Django Walker, James McMurtry, and Sheila Marshall will play. Also, bands like Folk Family Revival, Dirty River Boys, and the Chad Cooke Band will grace the stage with their music. To see the entire list of performers, click here.

If you love live music, then now you know what the Conroe Crossroads 2023 Music Festival is all about. You have plenty of time to plan your weekend around which performers and at which venue you want to attend. Support live music and our local venues and businesses in Montgomery County.