DIY Summer Wreaths for your Front Door

Lara DeHavenHomeowner Tips, Lake Conroe, Montgomery County

Summer Wreath

Summer wreaths can beautify your front door and welcome guests with seasonal decor.  There are many options for wreaths in style and materials.  You can buy them or make them yourself.  Today’s wreaths can all be DIY.  There are seemingly endless blogs and videos filled with ideas online, but I chose one by Lucy Akins and will explain why below.

First, she has beautifully decorated her front steps.  As we have been discussing curb appeal on this blog, her home is a great example of what works.  The classic black front doors stand boldly against the white house.  The variety of planters filled with plants on each side add life and color.  The light fixtures on each side of the door provide light and balance.  The lanterns on the porch provide soft light at night.  Then we get to her wreaths, which are lovely examples of beauty, balance, and well-placed blooms.  Notice how the wreaths are almost mirror images of each other.

The base for most summer-themed wreaths are the inexpensive and very versatile grapevine wreath.  You can easily find these at any craft store. Also keep in mind that most of these craft stores offer great coupons.  In this case, a combination of dollar-store silk greenery with higher quality silk flowers from craft stores create an inexpensive wreath that does not look cheap.  Of course, you could use a geometric-shaped wreath as a base like the photograph above.  Either way, use what you have and/or what works best for your style.

For more ideas, check out 24 Best Summer Wreaths That Will Brighten Your Front Door.  The first wreath in the list mimics the ones in the video, which let you know what is really on trend.  However, your wreath does not have to be trendy.  It is more important to complement your front door.  In addition, we still have many weeks of summer and heat in Texas; therefore, it is not too late to create a summer wreath for your home.