East Texas Elephant Experience

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East Texas Elephant Experience

We are used to seeing herds of cows or horses grazing in Texas. There are also pastures full of sheep and goats. Maybe you will see an occasional donkey or even alpaca. However, east of Conroe on HWY 105 lies the most unexpected ranch with African elephants. One family in Cut and Shoot runs the East Texas Elephant Experience. Here is all the pertinent information.

Address & Days of Operation

The East Texas Elephant Experience sits at 14041 Hwy 105 E, Cut and Shoot, TX 77306. They offer educational tours on Saturdays and Sundays at 2 p.m.

Tours & Ticketing Info

Each tour lasts approximately 1.5 hours as you get to see their elephant trio up close and personal. Their three African elephants are Jeanie, Krissy, and Paige. They were all orphaned and came to live with this family in the 1980s. Learn how to care for an elephant including what they eat and how to take care for their feet. Of course, you will have a chance to pet and take pictures with the elephants on the tour. Also learn the plight of the African elephant and what is being done to help all over the world. For tickets, click here. They are $125 a person, but children 3 and under are free.

Other Animals

The East Texas Elephant Experience has other animals in addition to elephants. They have several camels and even a zebra. Each has a name and a personality. They like to graze in the pasture with the goats.

So for a unique outing consider going to the East Texas Elephant Experience. For anyone who loves elephants, this will be a dream come true. Who knows where your visit might lead? It might catapult you into elephant activism. In the least, you will have made three very large friends. See for yourselves this unexpected elephant experience in the Lake Conroe area.