Extreme Spring Cleaning Tips

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Extreme Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning is a great way to deep clean your house after being shut up for the winter. Everything feels for more fresh and smells great, too. With proper cleaning management, these deep cleaning tips will carry you at least to the fall or perhaps all the way to next spring depending on how many people you have in your home. Watch this video for Extreme Spring Cleaning Tips.

What You Need:

I appreciated this video from Sophia Lee as she explains how she extreme spring cleans. She also uses much of the same products throughout her apartment. For those of you that love check lists, here is one she offers for free.

Also, white vinegar, baking soda, Bar Keeper’s Friend, White Eraser, and Tide Detergent play a large role in Sophia’s cleaning routine. Along with a few other things you probably already have on hand.

Before You Clean:

I definitely would set up a game plan for my extreme spring cleaning. Watch the video, have your checklist, buy any supplies that you will need, and schedule time to attack the dirt and grime of your home. The size of your home is a factor in determining how long it will take. You may have to break your cleaning into smaller chunks, like kitchen today and bathrooms tomorrow.

Also before cleaning, go ahead and organize your pantry and bathroom cabinets. This way you are not getting distracted by an organizational matter and can focus completely on cleaning. Additionally tidy your home beforehand too.

The night before you are set to clean set your oven and stove grates in the bathtub to soak as Sophia shows in the video. Apply her paste to the interior of the oven. Then make sure to run your dishwasher with all your dirty dishes overnight. That way you can unload the dishes first thing in the morning leaving your dishwasher and sink empty.

Other Tips:

Focus on one room at a time. Enlist help from others to make the work go faster. Whether it is your children (of a cleaning age), spouse, or a friend, it is worth accepting help. You could even trade off and help your friend do his/her home next. Also buy a new plastic shower liner. They are very inexpensive and save you time and space in the washing machine. If you have specific issues to address like rings on furniture or a dull stovetop, check out this article with 15 Hacks.

Now you can confidently get after it! Extreme Spring Cleaning leaves your house sparkling clean and fresh. A little hard work and elbow grease give you a ton of reward. Are you ready to spring into cleaning?