Five Tips for Living on Lake Conroe

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Five Tips for Living on Lake Conroe

Living on the water is different than living off the water of Lake Conroe. While most residents still enjoy the lake life in their off-water homes, some residents seek to live right on the water. Here are five tips for living on Lake Conroe.

I found this video from The Conroe Living Channel. It is by Jeff West. He does a great job of breaking down the information for anyone wanting to live on the water of Lake Conroe specifically.

Five Tips for On-the-Water Living

Know the Regulations.

The San Jacinto River Authority (SJRA) rules and regulates Lake Conroe. Therefore, if you are looking to live on the water, then you need to know their regulations for building and living on the lake. Also, each community has their own additional rules and regulations to follow. So be sure to check out all the regulations beforehand to make sure that you can agree to follow them. Don’t be shocked by learning about them later after you’ve closed on your lake real estate.

Know the Costs

It costs more for lake real estate than off-water, but that is not the only costs that you will incur living on the water. Factor in the higher insurance rates, maintaining the bulkhead and/or boat slips, and increased mosquito activity. These things will add up if you are not prepared.

Expect Nature

Lake Conroe is home to more than just fish. There are snakes, alligators, and more wild animals. With closer proximity to the water, you are apt to see an occasional snake or nutrea. Fortunately, most of the alligators dwell in the quieter waters bordering the Sam Houston National Forest. However, there is always the possibility for there to be a sighting.

Understand the Depth of the Lake

The depth of Lake Conroe is not consistent. It varies depending on rainfall and/or the amount of water drained via the dam. The latter is controlled by the SJRA. Therefore, understand the depth of the lake where you are looking to buy to ensure that you will have no problems with your boat.

Expect People

Lake Conroe is a very popular destination. It is a great recreational lake for many reasons. If you are looking for a secluded slice of heaven, then you probably will not be happy on Lake Conroe. You need to expect people to be on the lake.

Each of these five tips for living on Lake Conroe can be addressed by a great real estate agent. Mike Goins is an expert for Lake Conroe. He is a great resource to learn as much as you can about living on the water before you make it your home. Call him at 936-444-5929 to ask questions and discuss your options. You should have clear expectations when investing in lake real estate.