Highlighting the City of Montgomery

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City of Montgomery

Between Conroe and Navasota on Highway 105 sits the growing city of Montgomery, Texas. It is a town that is growing in both population and with more and more businesses calling it home. If you haven’t been here in a few years, you won’t recognize the town. With a short drive down the highway, you will see businesses and new buildings lining the busy road. In short, Montgomery, Texas is truly becoming a city while still keeping its small town feel.

History of Montgomery

Montgomery, Texas is one of the oldest towns in Texas. As a result, the city has a rich past and is also recognized as the Birthplace of the Texas flag. The Republic of Texas granted its charter to become a town in 1837 with 200 acres of land. Before this, it was known as the Lake Creek Settlement, which was founded by W. Sheppard. Obviously its name changed. Indirectly the city takes its name from Lemuel Montgomery, an Army major who died at the Battle of Horseshoe Bend. According to Wikipedia, the town was directly named after Montgomery County, Alabama as several settlers hailed from there. Guess who Montgomery County, Alabama was named after? Right, Lemuel Montgomery. Additionally, President Sam Houston knew Lemuel Montgomery and was more than happy to support the town’s charter. Coincidentally, the town became the first county seat of Montgomery County, Texas. However, Conroe is the present day county seat.

You can still see Historic Montgomery in the Downtown area a.k.a Old Montgomery. Homes with historical markers rise up with a stateliness new builds don’t have. History gives the city of Montgomery character. Take a guided tour of Fernland Historical Park and N.H. Davis Museum. Here is a link to schedule your tour.

Census Facts

According to the 2020 U.S. census, the population of Montgomery is 2,214 people. It shows a 6.39% growth in population every year. The town’s population is made up of a variety of races, but 74% identify as white, 10% as hispanic, 9% as black, and the rest represent either Asian or multi-racial. The average household income is $114,136. The median home value is $338,900 and the median rental property costs $1,133 per month. Surprisingly, 58.2% of the population own a home versus renting.


Montgomery ISD has a total of 10 schools and serves 9,396 students. Pupils will return soon on August 11, 2022. The school district enjoys a $73 million dollar budget. For property owners, the tax rate is $1.26. MISD has a goal to become the Premier School District in Texas. It is working hard to attain that honor.

The district is home to two high schools: Montgomery High School and Lake Creek High School. The former sits within the city limits while the latter sits on unincorporated land. It also has two junior high schools: Montgomery Junior High and Oaks Hills Junior High. It has six elementary schools: Keenan, Lincoln, Lone Star, Madeley Ranch, Montgomery, and Stewart Creek.

In addition to public schools, there are also private schools that serve the Montgomery area. For example, Hope Christian Academy, Lone Star Christian Academy, and Montgomery Christian Academy.

Another alternative is home schooling, which is very easy to do in the State of Texas. It is a popular option for families in the Montgomery area.


Of course at the Federal level, the US president is currently Joe Biden with Kamala Harris as the Vice President. In the US Senate, Ted Cruz and John Cornyn represent the city. US Representative Kevin Brady currently represents the people of Montgomery in the 8th District of the House.

At the state level, Greg Abbott is the governor. Will Metcalf represent citizens in the Texas Congress District 16.

At the local level, Byron Stanford is the mayor of Montgomery. On the City Council, five members serve the city. Currently council members are Carol Langley, Casey Olson, TJ Wilkerson, Cheryl Fox, and Patricia Easley.

Major Events

Throughout the year, the city hosts several fun events and festivals. In March, there are two events. The Lone Star Flag Celebration and the Music & Mudbugs Festival. While in May, you can go to the Montgomery Antiques Festival. During the summer, we celebrate our independence with a Freedom Fest. There is a huge Montgomery Wine & Music Fest in September. In October, there is a Trick or Treat Montgomery Event as well as a Fall Festival. And of course in December, Light Up the Park takes place on the first Saturday. While on the second Saturday, you can enjoy the Christmas Parade and a Cookie Walk with a Candlelight Tour. The latter is hosted by the Montgomery Historical Society.

The City of Montgomery is a growing city with historical charm, friendly people, and local events throughout the year to bring the community together. Once you visit, you will understand why it continues to attract both families and businesses. As much information I have given, I don’t think I have even scratched the surface. So to sum it up in one sentence–Montgomery, Texas is a great place to live!