Highlights of Lake Conroe Area

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Highlights of Lake Conroe area

When you are a resident, you take for granted all the awesome places, restaurants, and things to do around your home. Maybe it is time for a staycation because the Lake Conroe area has so much to offer residents and visitors alike. My Curly Adventures, a YouTube channel, visited and captured the highlights of the Lake Conroe area in one video.

Lake Conroe

They start and end their video with Lake Conroe. Even if you don’t live on the lake or own a boat, there are still many ways you can enjoy the #1 Boating Lake in Texas. You can rent a boat, charter a boat, or catch a cruise. This couple was able to capture great aerial shots. Lake Conroe is definitely an attraction in our area.

Great Restaurants

My Curly Adventures highlighted so many different restaurants and eateries around town. They began at Tony’s Italian Deli. Then visit Akashi. Unfortunately, Flour-ish is no longer in operation. They also highlight McKenzie’s Barbecue, Pie in the Sky, Pacific Yardhouse, Landshark Bar & Grill, Monty’s Lighthouse, and the Red Brick Tavern. If you haven’t tried any of these places, now you have a goal.

Wineries & Breweries

Although there are many different wineries and breweries in the area, they highlighted one of each. First, they began at Bernhardt Winery, which has a lively Sunday afternoon/evening scene. Then they visited B-52 Brewing Company. They are always hosting events. If you want to learn more about the other wineries and breweries, click here and here.

Margaritaville Lake Conroe Resort

Their home base was Margaritaville Lake Conroe Resort. The woman of My Curly Adventures especially loved the contrast between the piney woods of East Texas meeting the tropical, beachy vibes of Margaritaville. This resort could be a stand-alone vacation destination. There is so much to do at the resort. You don’t have to stay the night to enjoy aspects of it. For example, you can still dine, enjoy the spa, or play a round of golf.

P-6 Farms

Another popular local destination is P-6 Farms throughout the year. However, their most popular time is in the fall with the corn maze, pumpkin patch, and sunflower field. It is a great place to take kids or to go when you want to feel like a kid again.

Whether you need a staycation or are planning to visit, My Curly Adventures did a great job showing the highlights of the Lake Conroe area. Maybe you are inspired to visit any of these local treasures. What other places would you recommend?