Homework Rooms: A New Trend

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Homework Room

Have you ever heard of homework rooms? I had not. It is a new trend according to HGTV. So let’s look into what a homework room is, what they look like, how it can adapt over the years.

What is a Homework Room?

Since the pandemic when schools closed down and children did their school online, families have adapted to the changes. Now that schools are back in-person education, some families have chosen not to send their students back. So whether kids are going to public, private, or home school, homework is universal. Therefore, a homework room is simply a room or area of a room to facilitate school work.

Georgia Zikas, a designer, says, “Children continue to drive design spaces and homework is not going away.” This is her response to this growing trend. Think of it as a home office for children. It involves a desk, electrical outlet for a computer, proper lighting, and possibly a bookshelf. However, there are many different looks for a homework room.

How to Create a Homework Room

If you are in the process of building your dream house, then you have the freedom to add a separate homework room in the plans. However, this possibility does not fit many of our situations. Instead, we need to work with what we already have. Is there a nook in the kitchen or on the stair landing? Do you have a closet you can convert? Is there an empty wall space in a child’s bedroom?

Now you are thinking! There are solutions for all of these questions. The best way to give you options is to show you. Check out, “20 Homework Station Ideas for Kids and Teens.” Hopefully you now see the many options before you.

How Can a Homework Room Adapt Over the Years?

If you have a separate and dedicated homework room, then it can easily adapt with your child’s needs. Upgrade it as they go to college. Turn it into a home office. Many teens and young adults are starting online businesses so this space can easily adapt to providing them the space they require. It might even be a nice feature for re-selling and set your home apart from the competition. Because online learning and/or homework is not ever going away.

The question is: Can you benefit from a homework room? Is this a trend that you need to include in your home? It really depends on where you are in your life and what the needs of your family are. Homework rooms are not for everyone, but they definitely can benefit many.