How does Lake Conroe compare to other Texas Lakes?

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Lake Conroe Homes

Many lake home buyers are looking at various lakes across a state or even the nation to decide the best place to buy. There really hasn’t been a good way to compare lakes in different locations…until now! Lake Homes Realty is in a unique position to be a one-stop shop for lake home buyers. We’ve expanded into numerous states, and represent many of the lakes in each state we are in. That footprint has given us a unique set of data that we can use to help you with your purchase.

Below is a look at some interesting statistics on how Lake Conroe compares with other lakes and markets in Texas.

Lake Conroe is the 3rd biggest lake market in Texas behind Lake Travis and Lake Lyndon B. Johnson.

Based on sales volume:

1. Lake Travis – 523+ million
2. Lake Lyndon B. Johnson – 239+ million
3. Lake Conroe – 200+ million
4. Cedar Creek Lake – 192+ million
5. Lake Austin- 190+ million

It was also good to see in our last report that Lake Conroe was not on the top ten list of most expensive lakes. We have a good mix of luxury and affordability; country but close to amenities; away from the city, but close to the attractions of a big city….

If you are interested in exploring a home on Lake Conroe we are at your service! We can help you through the process to help you make the best decision for you and your family.