How To Build Beautiful Christmas Tablescapes

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Christmas Tablescapes

The dining room table is a blank slate where you can build beautiful tablescapes for every occasion and holiday. During the Christmas season, centerpieces can be showcases. They bring color and beauty to the dining room throughout the day, not just during dinner. Liz Fenwick shows how to build DIY Christmas tablescapes in a short video. She utilizes dollar store goodies, things from nature, and repurposing items.

Dollar Store Goodies

Fortunately, there is no need to spend a fortune on your tablescape. In fact, you might be surprised at what you can find at your local dollar store. For example, Ms. Fenwick uses chargers, scarves, ornaments, ribbon, and floral picks from hers to build the centerpiece in her video. It only take a little imagination to see the possibilities as you walk down the aisle.

Not everything came from dollar stores, she found some items from Target. Check out their Dollar Spot, which is usually situated at the entrance. She uses items like little trees, greenery, and other items from there.

Using Nature

Bringing nature into our homes is a home decor trend. You can easily accomplish this trend by bringing pinecones into your Christmas decor. Liz’s mom sent her some pinecones, which she added as filler in her tablescape. What other items can you bring in from nature?

Repurposing Items

Additionally, Liz uses a cake stand as the base of the focal point. It was her grandmother’s. She also uses other glass or crystal pieces that she already had. She fills them with small red ornaments. You might be surprised what beautiful items you have on a shelf. Give them new life on your dining table.

Sometimes people get stumped when trying to decorate their dining room table. Liz Fenwick breaks it down piece by piece. She makes the process simple and easy. Moreover, her table looks beautiful, trendy, and fresh. However, my purpose is not to have you recreate this exact tablescape. Instead, my hope is that you get inspired to create your own by using dollar store finds, items from nature, and repurposing items you already have. You can build beautiful Christmas tablescapes.