In or Out: Design Trends for 2022

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Design Trends for 2022

Trends are constantly changing, evolving, and repeating in seemingly cyclical fashion and design trends are no different. So what is in and what is out for 2022? We will explore the design trends for 2022.

What is IN?

Elevated outdoor furniture is the new trend in design and perfect for homes on the lake. Homeowners are looking to carry their interior style out-of-doors. One designer said, “Outdoor furniture will become more sophisticated and refined.” People will see the outdoors as an extension of their home.

Modern Grandmillenial style is also on trend. But what is it? It is a person who appreciates the past. Key components according to Gabby Home are “Popular grandmillennial accents and accessories include pleated lampshades, botanical prints, monogrammed linens, and classic wallpaper… Antiques are also essential to this well-collected aesthetic.” So think your grandparents homes, but with a more modern twist.

Travel-inspired decor is in. Maybe it is because people long to travel again and see the world. Precious finds from past trips are being displayed prominently as part of the interior design. Or perhaps people will be traveling again soon and will bring home remembrances of their adventures. Either way, international and multi-cultural pieces are in style.

What is OUT?

According to an article in Vogue, the first design trend that is out for 2022 are open concept floor plans. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, many designers keep saying that open concept plans are a thing of the past. They go on to say that families have realized they beauty of private spaces where one can work, study, cook, etc. separately. However, I personally still see a demand for such houses.

So what else is apparently out? All white rooms are out. In fact, even neutrals are on their way out of style in house design. Shocking to so many people, I am sure, but the pendulum has swung to the other side with rich colors. For example, shades of brown are making a comeback, even deep chocolate brown.

So what do you think about the design trends for 2022? Any surprises? Vogue published an interesting article detailing all the design ins and outs for this year. I have only selected some highlights. To read more, click here. Just remember: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Creating a space that you love is most important.