It’s Time to Prune Your Crape Myrtles

Lara DeHavenHomeowner Tips, Lawn

Crape Myrtles

We hope that everyone fared as well as possible last week through the winter storm. It was the coldest consecutive days I have ever experienced of below freezing temperatures and I have lived here my whole life. So this past winter storm is definitely not your normal Texas winter. Now that temperatures should start rising to their winter normal, it is time to begin thinking about your crape myrtles. February signals time to prune, but there are correct and incorrect ways of cutting back your plants.

Jenny from Gardening with Creekside has a video that you need to watch if you want to properly prune these specific plants. She says, “Just say no to murder! {Crape Murder, that is!}.” And explains why you should not cut off the tops of your trees. Jenny also gives great tips as the encourages you to awaken your inner artist. It is a great video to learn proper etiquette with the various kinds of crape myrtles.

After watching the video, I hope that you are inspired to prune your crape myrtles and feel empowered with knowing how to do it well. Don’t be afraid to take the suckers off. Don’t be afraid to shape your tree. Crape myrtles are very forgiving plants. They are also wonderful to have in your yard as they give beautiful color throughout the summer months. The photograph at the top shows the splash of color these trees offer homeowners. Additionally, they are perfectly suited to this area.