Lake Conroe & Lake Houston: Two Unique Lake Life Vibes

Lara DeHavenLake Conroe, Lake Houston

Lake Conroe and Lake Houston

Mike Goins Real Estate actively sells homes, lots, and other properties around both Lake Conroe and Lake Houston.  Knowing facts about their purpose, ambience, and waterfront home values help potential residents choose wisely between the two bodies of water.   Therefore, today we are breaking down their similarities and differences as well as investigating housing facts to help you choose the lake life at either Lake Conroe or Lake Houston.


Lake Conroe and Lake Houston are man-made bodies of water.  According to the San Jacinto River Authority (SJRA), both were built because of a severe drought during the 1950’s, which led to a major water shortage in the city of Houston.  Therefore, they share the same original purpose; the lakes are reservoirs.  Lake Houston is still the number one source of drinking water for Houston.  Lake Conroe is an alternate source for Houston, but also provides drinking water in Montgomery County.  For this county, Lake Conroe’s water supplements the groundwater for residents.


Lake Conroe has grown popular for fishing, boating, and other forms of recreation.  In addition, restaurants and shopping areas line parts of the lake.  The most recent draw has been the opening of Margaritaville, which offers both tourism as well as restaurants for the public.  Also there are many public access sites around the lake.  Many houses line the lake as their owners and guests enjoy beautiful water views and immediate access to the lake.  However, the entire perimeter of the lake is not developed.  There are areas without homes, restaurants, or other developments.

On the other hand, Lake Houston does not have a large recreational scene.  Many fishermen are drawn to the waters of Lake Houston, which is about the only popular lake activity enjoyed by most residents/visitors.  There are restaurants, but not many.  Consequently, the lake is much less crowded and has a much more relaxed atmosphere.  To read a more detailed article demonstrating the similarities and differences, check out SJRA.

Housing Facts

The Lake Conroe area is comprised of mainly three cities: Conroe, Montgomery, and Willis.  They all are highly rated places to live on and scored either As and a B, respectively.  The median sold waterfront home value is $625k.

Lake Houston has been rated #2 for “Best Neighborhoods to Buy a House in Houston .”  It received an A+.  You can check out their report card here.  The median sold waterfront home value is $633k.

Looking at them side by side, you cannot see a huge difference in their ratings nor the costs for owning a waterfront lake house.  Therefore as you consider on which body of water to live, it really comes down to location and atmosphere.  If you love a thriving recreational scene, then its Lake Conroe hands down.  Yet if you prefer a relaxed, uncrowded lake, then Lake Houston should be the center of your search.  They share many commonalities, but have definitely unique vibes.

Regardless, Mike Goins can help you find your perfect home on or around either lake.  Or if you are looking to move away from either lake for any reason, Mike would love be your listing agent.  In case you have not read the latest article in the Houston Chronicle featuring his expertise, he called the current real estate market a “feeding frenzy.”  Now is the time to sell if you have been waiting for the right time.  Of course if you have any questions about real estate on either lake, contact Mike directly at 936-718-1370.