Lake Conroe Association May Update

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Lake Conroe Association May Update

For years the Lake Conroe Association (LCA) has fought the Seasonal Lake Lowering Program (SLLP) instituted by the San Jacinto River Authority (SJRA) and the city of Houston since 2018. In addition to fighting this program that adversely affects Lake Conroe residents, the LCA as a non-profit corporation works to improve other aspects of the lake. Today let’s discuss the Lake Conroe Association May update.


The compromise agreement between the LCA, SJRA, and city of Houston has expired. It lapsed in 2023. However, since January, we have experienced three major rain events that have rapidly raised the lake level. Although some people criticized the SJRA for releasing water downstream during these rain events, the LCA believes that they acted in the best interest of Lake Conroe. The release protected the integrity of the dam.

The biggest news in the May update is that the Seasonal Lake Lowering Program is done. That is a huge victory for the LCA and Lake Conroe residents. However a new program will be implemented. It is the “Active Storm Management” program. Details are unknown to the public at this time, but the LCA will release them in the future.


In addition to fighting the SLLP, the LCA ensures proper management of the lake itself. In March, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) reported that parts of the lake had significant hydrilla. Hydrilla is an invasive species of aquatic plant. Some refer to it as an invasive lake weed. It is present in 80 Texas lakes according to the TPWD.

Hydrilla can mainly be found “north of the 1097 bridge in the Caney Creek area.” They are going to conduct spraying tests to increase the control of this invasive species. Then, they will make a plan based on the test results. We can be sure that hydrilla will be kept at bay to enable the lake to be a healthy environment for fish and wildlife as well as maintain its ability to be enjoyed by people for recreation.

The Lake Conroe Association May update overall is great news for its residents. SLLP is gone. We await the details of the new program. And, they are addressing the presence of hydrilla. To read the update yourself and learn more, click here. It is a good day for Lake Conroe!