Lake Conroe Celebrates Its 50th in 2023

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Lake Conroe

Believe it or not but in the year 2023, Lake Conroe celebrates its 50th year. It has only been a fixture in Montgomery County for half a century. Although, you would never know that from the looks of it.

Condensed History of the Lake

If Lake Conroe is only celebrating its 50th year, then obviously it is a man-made lake. The State of Texas wanted to build reservoirs across the state to prevent water shortages during droughts. Texas created what is now known as the San Jacinto River Authority (SJRA) to manage the Lake Conroe watershed. Then in 1968, the SJRA, City of Houston, and the Texas Water Development board agreed to build Lake Conroe. To read more about the history of Lake Conroe, click here and here.

Construction began in 1968 and five years later the lake was finished in January of 1973. Then only nine short months later, water filled the lake by October of the same year. If you want to test your knowledge of the Lake Conroe or want to learn some fun facts, check out our article, “Lake Conroe Trivia.”

Lake Conroe Today

In the past 50 years, Lake Conroe has become known as—”One of the Best Lakes in Texas.” It is best known for its fishing. In fact, Lake Conroe is rated #1 in the State of Texas for fishing. We published an article about fishing in the lake that discusses the kinds of fish available to fisherman. Recently biologists explained why the lake is a breeding ground for “monsters.” You can read about that here.

In addition, our beloved lake is also rated #3 for sailing in Texas. To read more about that, click here.

Real Estate on the Lake

Between fishing and sailing, Lake Conroe is a huge draw to the community. Whether guests and vacationers or residents, recreation in and on the water attracts people to this area. The beauty of the water, the ease with which you can be on the lake, and the dream of living the lake life entice people to make their home along the shores of Lake Conroe. There are still empty lots available on which to build your dream lake home. In addition, there are all kinds of houses along the lake from which to choose. If you are interested in calling Lake Conroe home, then call Mike Goins at 936-444-5929. He specializes in lake homes.

I hope you learned about Lake Conroe today. It plays such an intergral role in our community that it is hard to believe it celebrates its 50th year in 2023. Imagine what this place will look like in 5o more!