Lake Conroe Fishing in January

Lara DeHavenLake Conroe, Montgomery County

Lake Conroe Fishing in January

Lake Conroe provides great fishing throughout the year. Fishing in January or anytime in the winter months is also wonderful if you know where the fish are most likely to be. As cold-blooded animals, they are less active compared to the summer months. Fish typically like to go to the deeper parts of the lake. Knowing where to fish is key to fishing in January, if you want to catch any.

Lake Conroe has a variety of fish species. Different kinds of catfish and bass fill the lake. Crappie and bluegill are also prevalent. So let’s see where each species like to hang out in Lake Conroe during the winter.


Catfish are the most abundant fish in Lake Conroe. Both Channel Catfish and Blue Catfish are the species found here. They are bottom-feeders; therefore, fishermen need to fish in the depths of the lake. The best depths to find catfish are anywhere from 15 feet to 25 feet deep. In January, there are several places where catfish are active. Along and under the 1097 bridge is a favorite hangout. Also fish anywhere a river or creek feeds into the lake. To read about the best baits for catching catfish, click here. The winter months are the best time to catch trophy catfish. The heaviest on record is 99 pounds!


Bass are also a highly-sought after fish. Lake Conroe is home to Largemouth, White, Black, and Striped bass. In general, bass is the most popular game fish in North America. As the water temperatures drop, bass respond by acting more sluggish and moving more slowly compared to warm temperatures. Fishermen who keep the bait action slow and steady will be most successful. For the best baits for bass, click here. Both live bait and lures work well for bass. To read how a local guide lures bass to bite, click here. In Lake Conroe, bass prefer the deeper waters as well during the winter. They can be down as low as 30 feet. On the other hand, they also like cover whether it is near or under a boat dock or in grassy beds. Look for them in both locations.  The heaviest recorded Largemouth Bass in Lake Conroe weighed 15.93 pounds.


Crappie are popular fish. They have a diverse diet and are the most active at dawn and dusk. They love weeds and submerged objects such as logs. For the best success of catching crappie in the winter, fish near stumps, bridge pilings, and anywhere there is debris in the water. You can expect them to be from 15 to 30 feet deep around the bridge pilings. Just like bass, the best fishermen will slow down their lines as the fish move slower in winter. The best bait for crappie are minnows and worms. The Lake Conroe record for crappie is 2.77 pounds.


Bluegill are a tasty panfish. Many people prefer them to Crappie. In Lake Conroe, they can get as long as 12 inches. The record for weight is 1.41 pounds. They prefer to hide in debris as well. Look for them closer to the shore and near docks. Typically bluegill are under-fished because the majority of fishermen target catfish and bass. Minnows and lures work well for this species of fish.

Despite the cold temperatures, Lake Conroe is still a hopping fishing spot in January. In fact, you might just catch your personal best or even set a Lake Conroe record. If your time is limited, consider hiring a guide, who not only knows the lake but also knows fish. Enjoy Lake Conroe fishing in January!