Lake Conroe is One of the Best Lakes in Texas

Lara DeHavenLake Conroe, Local Business, Montgomery County

Lake Conroe

Lake Conroe is one of 7,000 lakes throughout Texas.  With so many lakes to choose from, have you ever wondered which ones should make your bucket list?  Which lakes are some of the best in Texas?  According to Trips to Discover who compiled a list on the 10 Best Lakes to Visit in Texas, the author believes that, “these are some of the best recreation lakes you’ll find anywhere in America.”  Did you catch that?  She believes that these 10 lakes are not just the best ones in Texas, but rival all lakes in the USA.

Lake Conroe in Montgomery County made the list at #2! The second best lake in Texas and possibly in the US.  Wow!!  It made the list based on several reasons, including the water activities available.  From kayaking to jet skiing, the lake has acres of open water conducive for a variety of water-based fun.  The lake is also known for its awesome fishing, including trophy-sized bass.

In addition to the water activities, the Lake Conroe area is filled with other things to do. For example, many golf courses surround the lake.  Moreover, the Margaritaville Lake Resort opens this month and will offer not only luxury accommodations, but a relaxing spa, restaurants, and water park.  The Sam Houston National Forest, which provides ample areas for hiking and camping, bumps up to the lake as well.

Foodies love the Lake Conroe area.  There are so many options to tantalize your taste buds and satisfy your cravings.  The top 3 restaurants in Montgomery, TX according to Trip Advisor are in order: Pizza Shack, Cozy Grape Wine Bar & Bistro, and Walden Yacht Club.  In Conroe, the top 3 restaurants are: Joe’s Italian Restaurant, Vernon’s Country Catfish, and Red Brick Tavern.  The best restaurants in Willis are:  Pizza Shack, Fish Pond Restaurant, and Hidden Gem.  In addition to these many eating establishments, you will find great Asian food, Texas barbecue, and even high-end dining in the area.

If you have never been to Lake Conroe, put it on your bucket list as your next destination.  It offers so much for couples, families, and/or friends.  From romantic getaways to spending the day wake-boarding, Lake Conroe deserves to be at the top of the list.