Lake Conroe Lowering Continues

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Lake Conroe

After a summer filled with rainy afternoons, most residents living on or around Lake Conroe haven’t thought much about the lake lowering program. However, the annual second phase of the Seasonal Lake Lowering Phase (SLLP) began August 1st. Let’s see what the current issues are now as Lake Conroe lowering continues.

Current Facts:

  • The lake could lose up to 27 inches from its current level of 201.3′.
  • Engineering studies have proven that SLLP will NOT prevent downstream flooding.
  • A 24″ lowering in lake level will cause damage to boats.
  • 12-14 billion gallons of released water was wasted by being dumped into the Gulf of Mexico.
  • On June 2021 the City of Houston’s water rights expired. Yet they still are allowed to release Lake Conroe’s water.
  • No entity has found fault with the Lake Conroe Association’s data or conclusions concerning waste water and water rights.
  • Politicians from outside the Lake Conroe area assert that the SLLP is effective.
  • Residents of Lake Conroe have no way to vote against the Houston-area politicians.
  • Kevin Lacy, President of Lake Conroe Association (LCA), is still in the fight to end SLLP.

To read the entire letter from the President, click here.

Our Thoughts:

For Mike Goins Real Estate, we care about our clients. We care about the values of homes alongside the lake that could potentially lose value if the lake is lowered too much. The Houston Chronicle writes, “The lake has become a key piece of the local economy.” It is true. This vibrant community built around Lake Conroe is our home and it is filled with family and friends. Therefore, we stand with the LCA in their fight.

They are up against the City of Houston, San Jacinto River Authority, Texas Commission of Environmental Quality, and politicians. All of which seemingly want the Seasonal Lake Lowering Phase to continue. Ironically the Lake Conroe Association has no rights to the water in its lake. Instead the SJRA and City of Houston own them. Therein lies the bulk of the problem. We cannot be sure how this will end, but we will keep you abreast of the situation. For now, Lake Conroe lowering continues.