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Lake Conroe Homes at Playa Vista

Summer is here! Lake Conroe is hopping and Lake Conroe homes are moving.  Today the lake is just shy of full pool at 200.4 ft which is great news for boaters and residents.

Speculations about the water levels at Lake Conroe continue to swirl. To date the San Jacinto River Authority (SJRA) has not released any water relating to Harvey. SJRA gave a proposal to the City of Houston (2/3 water rights to Lake Conroe) outlining a temporary seasonal reduction of Lake Conroe while the San Jacinto River is dredged to help with future flood events. However, at this time, the City of Houston has not granted permission to do so. In addition, there has not been a water yield permit granted by the TCEQ. State representatives for the Lake Conroe area are working with all parties involved, armed with the data from SJRA and local groups, to protect this area.

It’s good news that no rash decisions have been made, and that the local representatives are working on the issue. The data will hopefully lead to a wise decision, and from what I’ve seen it would be foolish to try and fix a ‘Harvey’ type of issue by looking to Lake Conroe water reduction.

Here is a presentation by SJRA that will inform you further about that rain event – Hurricane Harvey Rainfall Event on Lake Conroe.

As always, if I can be of assistance to you or those you know for Lake Conroe homes please contact me!