Lake Conroe Trivia

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Lake Conroe Trivia

I love trivia games.  It is fun to know little, seemingly unimportant facts that others don’t know.  Having lived near Lake Conroe most of my life, I found the following fun facts interesting.  See how many answers you already know.

Seven Fun Facts about Lake Conroe:

  • Is Lake Conroe a natural lake? No. The San Jacinto River Autority (SJRA) built in three years in order to be a source of water for the city of Houston.
  • How long did it take to fill up with water? Amazingly only ten months.  Lake Conroe was finished in January of 1970 and full in October.  That is unbelievable!
  • How big is the lake? Well it depends on how you measure it.  By surface water, then it covers 22,000 acres. By length and width at its longest and widest points, then it is 26 by 6 miles.  Translation- Lake Conroe is big enough to have family time, fish, and have lots of fun.
  • What borders Lake Conroe to the north? The Sam Houston National Forest, which provides a great amount of natural and indigenous flora and fauna.  A mix of tall pines and beautiful hardwood trees fill the forest providing homes to white-tail deer, opossum, raccoons, and squirrels.  In addition the treetops are filled with different species of birds.  In the water you can even find alligators.
  • How deep is the lake? The average depth is 20 feet.  The deepest part is found in the channel, which descends to about 70 feet.  That might not sound like a big number until you visualize a seven-story building underwater.
  • What kind of fish should one expect to catch?  Texas Parks and Wildlife stocks bass, hybrid bass, and crappie.  In Lake Conroe, fisherman can catch trophy-sized fish.
  • How many miles of shore line the lake? Lake Conroe has 157 miles of shoreline.  Therefore, many people can live on the lake.  Mike Goins helps people find their little piece of waterfront property for a living.  He enables his customers to realize their lake living dreams.  If you want to find any property on the lake, please contact him.

How many answers to Lake Conroe trivia did you know?  Have I overlooked any obvious fun facts about Lake Conroe?  Please let me know and we can learn together.  For a lot more history, read Lake Conroe Texas.