Mike Goins Real Estate: A Successful Story of Service

Lara DeHavenLake Conroe, Local Business, Montgomery County

Mike Goins Real Estate family pic

Mike Goins owns a thriving real estate business with 14+ years of experience.  He and his wife, Michelle, are raising a beautiful family in the Lake Conroe area.  They have one son and four daughters.  Mike is the quintessential family man, who loves to spend time with his wife and children.  In his spare time, he enjoys sports, especially football.  Above all, the Goins love the Lord and seek to live out Christ’s example in all they do.  For this reason, Mike truly does seek to serve his clients in the manner he would wish to be served.  For him, the Golden Rule applies to all aspects of his life.

The testimonies and reviews from clients indicate that he is accomplishing his goal.  However, he knows it is not ever done perfectly.  One can always excel still more.  Regardless the Lord has continued to bless his family and his business throughout the years.  Mike has received numerous awards in real estate such as the Big Wave Award from Lake Homes Realty in 2019.  Beyond awards, he has recently garnered national recognition.  This month he was showcased on HGTV’s Lakefront Bargain Hunt and earlier this year Dave Ramsey named Mike an Endorsed Local Provider as a real estate agent.

Mike Goins Real Estate sold over $13 million in properties in the past year in about 40 transactions.  To say that he works hard is an understatement. He diligently provides excellent service to his clients.  He happily advises and teaches them throughout the process when necessary.  Mike excels at reaching people on a personal and professional level.

This year in particular, Mike has been building an online presence in a variety of ways.  This blog for example publishes content three times a week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  On Instagram, his feed is building steam.  He continues to post and share all things real estate on Facebook.  His page on Pinterest has a combination of beautiful photographs from dream kitchens to his property listings to customer reviews.   There is also a board for this blog called, “Lake Conroe Homes Search Blog.”  In addition, he has a Twitter account.  If you are not following Mike Goins Real Estate on any of the social media platforms, pick your favorites and please follow so as to not miss anything.  We would also appreciate interaction with fans and clients online as well as in person.

So many things in life define us.  The role that defines Mike more than anything is that as a follower of Christ.  When God saved Mike, Jesus impacted every part of Mike’s life, including his business.  Mike took to heart that a great life is a life full of service, which changes the way he sees his role as an agent.  He is not a salesman.  He provides a meaningful service as people realize their dreams of owning their first home or waterfront property or a rental property to generate income.  Simply put, Mike Goins Real Estate is a successful story of service.  Hopefully as we seek to stay the course, God will continue to grow the business and enable us to impact clients’ lives in the Lake Conroe area and beyond.