Minimalist Christmas Decorating

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Minimalist Christmas Decorating

Lately I have been seeing a lot of people posting pictures of their decorated Christmas trees. The typical Christmas colors are bright red and green. But what if you prefer a more muted Christmas? Here are some great ideas for minimalist Christmas decorating from Kristen McGowan.

She just posted a video showing how she decorates for Christmas. It was not over-the-top. Instead, it was minimalistic, but beautiful. I especially liked how she used much of what she already had. So it saves you hassle of moving things in and out. It saves you space as you don’t have much to store throughout the year. In addition, it saves you time decorating for Christmas. Embracing minimalist Christmas decorating sounds like a win-win. After watching the video, I want to highlight three main takeaways.


Keep the Same Color Palette

There is no need to completely change the look of your home just because it is Christmas. Your home already has a personality and style. It probably has the same color palette uniting the decor throughout your home. So keep it. For example, Kristen continues to use the sage green, burgundy, pink, and white colors already established in her home. What colors in your home can convert into Christmas decor?

Make Your Own Ornaments

But how to keep the same color palette practically? An easy way to accomplish this is with the ornaments you choose to use on your tree. In the video, Kristen shows you how to make your own ornaments easily using your already established colors. Buying plain, glass ornaments and acrylic paint you can customize your colors. It is an easy and inexpensive way to extend the your home’s normal colors into Christmas.

Christmas-ize Your Home Decor

Kristen is a master at using her normal decor and making it look Christmasy. Tying ribbon around a small stack of books or tying ribbon around mirrors, makes them look like gifts. It not only is beautiful, but using your current decor saves you lots of money. Make it look like Christmas with inexpensive ribbon. In addition, I like her tip of filling bowls with extra ornaments. What other ways can you Christmas-ize your current home decor?

I hope you are inspired to do something beautiful in your home for Christmas. It doesn’t have to be traditional colors. It doesn’t have to be over-the-top either. Minimalist Christmas decorating can be just as, if not more, beautiful. Happy decorating!