Prepare to Sell Your Home

Lara DeHavenHomeowner Tips, Lake Conroe


There are many steps to take as you prepare to sell your home.  I found this video by Clean My Space that gives excellent tips for starting the process.  Melissa Maker says, “You are transforming your home into a house.”  As a seller, this is a great perspective to have and quite the opposite of the common expression, “to make a house a home.”

Watch the video and put on the eyes of a prospective buyer as you walk through your own home.  Find areas to begin cleaning, de-cluttering, etc.  Remember to really focus on the kitchen and bathrooms. These areas can make or break a sale.  We want people to imagine making the house into their home, not to simply admire your abode.

For more ideas of where to deep clean, then check out, Clean Three Overlooked Areas in Your Home Today.  When you get your home prepared to sell, check out this video for quick cleaning tips on Showing Day.

Lake Conroe Homes would love to come alongside you whether you are selling or buying.  Contact Mike Goins today to get the ball rolling.  Even with COVID-19, we are still working and closing on houses.  If you are following stay home orders, now might be the perfect time to prepare to sell your house.