Real Estate: A Safer Investment Amid Banking Crisis

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All over the news, people are talking about the potential banking crisis playing out in the United States. Already two banks have crashed. One of which is the Silicon Valley Bank. The other is the First Republic Bank. These two banks crashing have people watching the market anxiously. The Federal government says that it is making moves to ensure stability in the banking system. However, many Americans are nervous.

There are many ways one can invest their money beyond putting it in a bank. Some investments are riskier than others. Throughout history, real estate proves to be a sound investment. According to Rocket Mortgage, “An investment property is real estate purchased to generate income through rental income or appreciation.” Real estate is a tangible asset. Even if prices fall, the value of the land or home usually stays sound.

Lots for Sale

Not everyone has hundreds of thousands of dollars to invest by paying for a house in cash. However, you can invest in a vacant lot, which costs much less than a home. You can just hold onto the lot. It is a real investment; you can visit it and walk on it. It will likely not lose value. Instead it is more likely to appreciate in value. You can choose when to sell the property in order to make money. It is a much safer investment amid a banking crisis. Let’s look at some examples of properties that are currently available.

Lot 21 Hilltop Drive-

Lots 20 & 21 on Hilltop Drive

Look how close both Lots 20 and 21 on Hilltop Drive are to Lake Conroe!

This property is 0.109 acres in the Lake Conroe Forest community. Lot 21 Hilltop Drive lies close to Lake Conroe and includes a community boat ramp. Enjoy low taxes and a low HOA with this property. If you are interested in more land, there is a neighboring vacant lot.

Lot 20 Hilltop Drive-

This is a slightly larger property at 0.116 acres, which neighbors the previous property. The main difference between the two properties is the fact that Lot 20 Hilltop Drive has a workshop on it. Therefore, it is not totally vacant. However, there is no home. Buy one or buy both. It is obviously up to you.

Blue Lake Drive-

Lot on Blue Lake Drive

This property is much larger than the prior properties, but it is much further from the lake. It is actually located in Grimes County, which enjoys much lower taxes than Montgomery County. This lot on Blue Lake Drive is 0.398 acres. It is part of the Shadow Woods neighborhood.

Land for Sale

If you are looking for a much larger property, I have one for you. It is 6698 Pine Shadows Drive. Own over 12 acres with this wooded property. It is in Montgomery County near Cleveland. With more land, you have more options. Over time, you can divide it into smaller parcels. Or decide to keep it in its entirety and build your dream home.

When you look at real estate as an investment instead of a place to live, then your perspective changes. These lots and piece of land are solid opportunities in which to invest your money. No one knows what the future holds, except for God. For those who believe in Him, we are told 365 times within the Bible to “fear not.” Don’t be afraid of the future. However, you help secure your financial future with smart investments in real estate.