Recent Drownings Highlight Need for Lake Safety

Lara DeHavenLake Conroe, Montgomery County

Drownings Highlight the Need for Lake Safety

Unfortunately last week a couple drowned in Lake Conroe. Their bodies were recovered, but their drownings highlight the need for lake safety by boaters, swimmers, and other lake goers. Lakes are to be enjoyed; however, we also need to respect them.

According to the ABC13 since 2010, a total of 26 people have drowned in Lake Conroe. In 2019, one person drowned for the entire year. Contrast that with 2020 and five people drowned. Already this year four people have drowned.

Why the Increase?

Why have the past two years had an abnormally high drowing rate compared to other years? Many think it is because of the higher number of lake visitors. Since the pandemic, the number of people visiting the lake has risen substantially. People are looking for things to do outdoors and where they can socially distance. Boating with your own family enables you to accomplish both objectives.

What Can You Do to Stay Safe?

First learn how to swim. Anytime you go into the water either at a pool, lake, river, or ocean knowing how to swim can save your life. Obviously things can still happen to good swimmers, but you are increasing your odds of survival. There are many places you can go for private lessons. A quick online search will give you plenty of options.

According to the Conroe Courier, neither one of the couple who drowned this past week knew how to swim. It is tragic. However, we can learn from the tragedy.

Follow the rules. Check out San Jacinto River Authority’s article, “Enjoying Lake Conroe.” It discusses the common sense safety guidelines for the lake.

Limit alcohol. Alcohol impairs people. Just like it is not legal to drive while under the influence, don’t be on the lake and drink too much. You may not be the captain of the boat, but an inebriated passenger can be a danger to his/herself.

The news that a couple drowned recently in Lake Conroe is the wake up call for all lake goers. We need to recall that drowning is a possiblility and take the necessary precautions. These drowning hightlight the need for safety. Every life is important. Avoidable accidents are tragic. Take heed and employ smart lake safety this summer.

To those who are mourning the loss of the two drowning victims, our thoughts and prayers go out to you.