Simple Spring Cleaning

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Simple Spring Cleaning

It is not quite officially spring. However, in our area, the days of cold are getting close to being completely over. There is no better time to address certain issues in your home. They are often overlooked or put off so many times that they never get done. So let’s highlight four main tasks that you need to accomplish this month.

I found this video from Angela Braniff. In this particular video, she is only focused on indoor cleaning activities. With all the rain we have been experiencing, I thought it was a great place to start simple spring cleaning.


Curtains are one item in the home that is usually ignored in the cleaning routine. Dust can easily gather and settle on the top of the curtains. Therefore, it makes sense that Angela begins her indoor spring cleaning by focusing on her curtains. She actually vacuums them as well as the window sills. Of course, it depends from what material your curtains are made, but I also like to wash and dry mine twice a year. If they get obviously dusty between washes, then I simply throw them into the dryer to remove the dust. It works great.

Shower Heads

Another overlooked item in our cleaning routine is a shower head. The interesting thing is that we probably use them everyday. Your water can negatively effect the performance of the shower head. Clogs, stains, and less pressure can occur without proper maintenance. She shares a recipe that is essentially a no-scrub one. Let the cleaner do its job for you.

Children’s Toys

Whether you have children, grandchildren, or are the fun aunt/uncle, you probably has some kind of toy collection in your home. This is the perfect time to sort through the toys. And, I bet that toy sorting is not on your regular Things-to-Do List. I would also take this opportunity to clean the toys. Children often put toys in their mouths or play with dirty hands. Of course, the method of cleaning depends on of what the toy is made. Here is a great  resource for deciding how best to clean a toy. Notice they highly recommend using white vinegar, and not bleach, to clean and disinfect toys.


What better time to sort through your clothes and store seasonal items than when the weather changes! It is the perfect time to start putting away your big, heavy coat and sweaters and bringing out more spring-like apparel. A secret to an organized closet is to only have out what you are using. Angela has great tips on how to decide when it is time to give away or sell an item.

Begin tackling your home with these simple spring cleaning tips. These four tasks can easily be accomplished this weekend with a little initiative and diligence on your part. Slowly chip away at your checklist and enjoy the fruits of your labor- a clean and organized home.