Six Home Design Trends for 2022

Lara DeHavenHomeowner Tips, Lake Conroe

Six Home Design Trends

With school starting and summer literally still in full swing, we are in that odd time of the year where we are already looking forward to what’s coming next. Our eyes look not only toward the fall but even beyond. Starbucks is releasing their Pumpkin Spice Latte and the 2022 model cars are rolling onto car lots. We are always looking toward the next big thing. Home design is no different. Therefore, let’s look at Six Home Design Trends for 2022.

Retro 70s and 90s

Inspired by the fashion world in which the 70s and 90s looks are being recycled, look for them to start reappearing in home design. Is it because of nostalgia? I don’t know the answer, but modern lines of the 70s and the urban street looks of the 90s will be back. For the latter, it will especially show up in art. Inspired by street art, look for murals to be painted or large paintings to be hung with a contemporary feel.

Smart Furniture

Technology will continue to be present in our everyday lives. Now even our furniture will be equipped with some technology. An example of smart furniture is a cooler coffee table. Why get up to go to the kitchen to get another beverage when your coffee table has a slide-out refrigerator drawer? Think of the time you will save and the ease which with you can serve your guests. Another example is a nightstand that simulates the sunrise every morning in your bedroom so that you theoretically adjust your melatonin levels. The third example of smart furniture is the Elysium Controlled Chair. It gives you a feeling of weightlessness through floatation therapy by using your center of gravity. If you would like to check out more smart furniture examples, click here.

Polka Dots

Yes, you will be seeing dots. Whether it is in fabrics of pillows or upholstered furniture or painted on the walls, polka dots are coming back. You will see them in furniture and fixtures as well. Don’t expect to be overwhelmed or even made to feel dizzy as they will be more accents. Polka dots will also give a retro vibe.


Glass is not only a natural material, but it is also a sustainable material. Look for glass in light fixtures, furniture, large sliding doors, etc. Theoretically the sliding/folding doors that divide the indoors from the outdoors would be wonderful for lake houses to really take in the awesome views. However, I am not sure how practical this trend will be between the heat, humidity, and insects in Texas. So I would stick to the glass tables, shelves, and fixtures indoors if you want to follow this trend.

The Color Green

This will be the color in 2022 in multiple shades. Green brings nature into our homes. Pairing different shades on different textures make it even more natural. You will see furniture, accent pillows, curtains, paint colors, etc. in different shades of green. I personally tend to gravitate to deeper shades of green like hunter or emerald as well as blue-greens like teal. Green also conjures up feelings according to psychology. The Very Well Mind writes, “The color green may positively impact our thinking, our relationships, and our physical health. Green is thought to relieve stress and help heal.”

Work and Recreational Spaces

Since the pandemic began, a home office is almost considered a necessity for those looking for a home. A fairly new phenomenon is to also have a room or space for one’s recreation. So whether that is a space dedicated to gaming, sewing, playing guitar, painting, etc. People will be looking for a room that they can be creative and productive for work and play.

So these are the projected six home design trends for 2022. I’m not sure there are any real surprises. Well, I guess I did not see polka dots in my future. Just like with any design trend, take what you like and leave what you don’t. No need to stay trendy. At the same time, there is no harm in knowing trends. You never know what might grow on you.