Steps to Follow Before Selling Your House

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Selling Your House

Last week, we looked at the steps to follow before buying a home. To read that article, click here. So it is only natural to now look at the steps one should follow before selling your house. Again Rachel Cruze with Ramsey Solutions does a full article, “How to Sell a House.” Feel free to read it as she goes into great detail. However, today I am going to hit the high points.

Before Selling Your House

Find a Great Real Estate Agent-

Why should you start the process of selling your home by finding a real estate agent? A good realtor will be able to refer you to trusted professionals or complete the following steps. There is no need to go at it alone.

I am not going to spend too much time on this step. Mike Goins and his team would love to serve you as your listing agent. In addition to promoting your home in the standard ways on numerous websites, we promote it on this blog with an article. We also promote the listing on Instagram, FaceBook, Pinterest, and Twitter. On many occasions, we will send a “Coming Soon” email to our list of buyers. Therefore Mike Goins is an experienced realtor and a lake home expert specifically with a broad audience for generating interest for your potential listing.

Price your Home Competitively-

Mike Goins always offers a free home valuation. This allows you to see what your home is worth. He compares it to other similar homes in the same area to let you know what you can expect your house to bring in. You always should compare apples to apples. So it is important to compare houses that are alike to get this valuation. Additionally, knowing the area and communities are super important as well.

You want your home to sell as quickly as possible and be competitive on the market. Your listing price is key in the process. And it takes experience to start with a good number.

Ready your Home for Potential Buyers-

A great real estate agent can also see what needs to be done to prepare your home for potential buyers. Is there too much clutter? Does your interior need to be repainted? Are there minor issues that can easily be resolved? Listen to his/her feedback and follow the advice. If necessary, a realtor will also have a home inspector, home appraiser, and handyman that they can refer. This saves you tremendous time just looking for someone.

A realtor like Mike Goins can also take professional video and photography of your home. You want the rooms to showcase the best of each room. Well-lit, bright, and visually stunning photographs of your home will garner more interest.

In addition, remove very personal items and family photographs. You want potential buyers to be able to see their furniture, family, etc in the house. Discuss with your realtor if you need to deep clean, stage, or do anything else to make your house look desirable.

Once your Home is Listed-

Ideally once your home is listed, potential buyers will tour your home and submit offers. Typically a home will receive many offers. Therefore it is once again important to have an experienced realtor, who can help guide you to the best offer. Sometimes it isn’t simply the highest number. Often there are contingencies in the offers that make one less desirable than another. Use your realtor to help you negotiate.

Today we have hit the main steps to follow before selling your house. Hopefully you find them useful, especially if you are considering selling for any reason. The truth is whether you are buying or selling, your choice of real estate agent can make or break a deal. Hire one you can trust. Hire one that will work in your best interest. Consider Mike Goins for all your real estate needs.