Christmas Trivia

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Christmas Trivia

Trivia is fun! So let’s see how much you know about Jesus’ birth with this Christmas Trivia post. It might be harder than you think! Who was Jesus’ mother? We are starting out easy. Mary, a young, Jewish woman, was His mother. She was a … Read More

The True Reason for the Season

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True Reason for the Season

Christmas Day is fast approaching! It is the day that we celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. With all the gifts, parties, and food, we can get distracted from the true meaning of Christmas. So today I wanted to do something a little … Read More

The True Meaning of Easter

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Meaning of Easter

Growing up in the Bible Belt, Easter has always been a special day. The majority of children wake up excitedly to hunt for eggs, marvel at the mounds of chocolates and candies in an Easter basket, and look sharp in a new outfit to wear … Read More