Amazing Cleaning Hacks by Melissa

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Woman scrubbing a table as example of a cleaning hack by Melissa.

Summertime with the humidity and heat presents different challenges to families than other seasons, especially in places like Texas. Typically families spend lots of time at the pool or the lake. We play outside and sweat profusely. Sometimes it can seem impossible to clean or … Read More

Extreme Spring Cleaning Tips

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Extreme Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning is a great way to deep clean your house after being shut up for the winter. Everything feels for more fresh and smells great, too. With proper cleaning management, these deep cleaning tips will carry you at least to the fall or perhaps … Read More

Spring Cleaning Tips from Do It on a Dime

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Spring Cleaning Tips

If you have not been suffering with seasonal allergies, then you are one of the blessed few in Texas right now. March is the month when yellow pollen clouds float through the sky. With warmer temperatures and nice breezes, I am always tempted to open … Read More