Texas Custom Knife Show This Weekend

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Texas Custom Knife Show

Are you looking for an event that is a cut above the rest?! Well, this weekend the Texas Custom Knife Show comes to the Lake Conroe area. Here are all the important details as well as how you can help raise money for veterans.

Location and Time

Southern Star Brewing is proud to host the Texas Custom Knife Show. It is a two-day show beginning on Saturday, November 19th and it runs through Sunday, the 20th. On both days, it begins at 8 a.m. and ends at 4 p.m. The brewery’s address is: 3525 N. Frazier St., Conroe, TX.

Important Details

The Texas Custom Knife Show is “Houston’s largest knife show.” Former contestants from the History Channel program, Forged in Fire, will be at the event. If you are a fan of Forged in Fire, you will be excited to see expert blacksmiths in person. In fact, they will be competing in live blade-forging. In addition to the former show contestants, the host, Doug Marcaida, will be in attendance. He will be the blade-forging contest judge.

In addition to the blade-forging contest, there will be chop competitions and hand-forged blades for sale. It will be an amazing show for any knife enthusiast or Forged in Fire fan. There will also be food trucks and of course beer.

Lone Survivor Foundation

This knife show also acts as a fundraiser for the Lone Survivor Foundation. Twin brothers Marcus and Morgan Luttrell co-founded this organization. They both happen to be from the Willis area. “Their sole purpose is to support veterans after their service to this great country. They’re teaching strategies to manage Post-traumatic Stress, Mild Traumatic Brain Injury, and chronic pain…” It is a worthy cause.

This weekend you can support veterans and be entertained at the same time. Try to carve out some time and drop by Southern Star Brewing. If you know where to look, life in the Lake Conroe area is never dull.