Three Fun At-Home Activities During a Winter Storm

Lara DeHavenHomeowner Tips, Lake Conroe, Montgomery County

Three Fun At-Home Activities

A winter storm is here. If you are new to the Lake Conroe area, then that means school closures and the shut down of most businesses. As a native Texan, I cannot really explain why, especially since my mom lived for years in the high desert of Oregon, but it is the way most of the South rolls. Life outside your home might shut down, but life never shuts down inside. So here are three fun at-home activities to do during a winter storm.

Camp in the Living Room

Make memories by clearing out space and building a campsite in your own living room. You could make more of a cushion and a blanket fort or go all out and pop a tent up. If you have a fireplace, then by all means roast weenies and/or s’mores over the flames. Tell stories by the fire. You will not only stay warm but also create sweet memories as a family or couple. If you don’t have a fireplace, you can still create memories with an indoor picnic at your indoor campsite.


Now is your time to show off or acquire some culinary skills. Besides you cannot go out to eat during a winter storm. Instead, perfect your chili recipe or favorite soup. Fill your home with the yummy smells of baked bread, which pairs perfectly with the soup. Another option is to bake cornbread as a side to your chili. Not only are you passing time productively, but you can use this as a teachable moment and pass on these recipes to others in your home. Don’t forget dessert. Bake cookies or pie and fill everyone’s tummy with homebaked goods.

Create Frozen Bubbles

All you need is below freezing temperatures and no wind. It remains to be seen if this weekend will be conducive to this activity. However, this would be a fun, outdoor, and educational activity. You do need an area with ice. Ideally, this would occur naturally with all the rain we have had. However, you could help nature by spraying an area in your yard with water. You can use store-bought bubbles or make your own.

A simple bubble recipe is: 1 1/2 cup water, 1/4 cup of corn syrup, and 1/2 cup clear dish soap. Dissolve the corn syrup in the water and then slowly stir in the soap so that it doesn’t suds up.

You can use a straw or a bubble wand to make bubbles. As soon as one lands on the frozen area without popping, get down and watch the ice crystals form. Sunlight or light behind it helps you see the crystals form more clearly.

These three fun at-home activities will help you make staying home more fun and memorable during this winter storm. Although they typically come at least once a year, they never stay around too long. Therefore, don’t waste this winter storm doing life as usual. Camp indoors, cook together, and create frozen bubbles. Enjoy!