Montgomery County Rises to the Top in Migration Numbers

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Top of Migration Numbers

The COVID-19 pandemic was a catalyst for change in America. Many people re-evaluated where they lived and moved to less restrictive places, cities with a lower cost of living, or somewhere they could work remotely. Texas and Florida received a large proportion of these migrating citizens. Even in 2024, Montgomery County still rises to the top in migration numbers.

The South

Yaël Bizouati-Kennedy recently wrote an article, “Americans Are Moving to These 10 Metros—5 are in Texas.” She briefly discusses the shifting migration trends and notices that one region in the US is attracting most of the new residents—the South. She attributes the shift to lower cost of living and lower home prices compared to the big cities on both of our coasts.

Highly Attractive Counties

According to this article, the number one place with 26,029 new residents is Polk County, Florida. Also in Florida, Pasco County and Marion County made the top ten list. One county in Arizona, Pinal County, came in at number seven. Rounding out the list was Horry County in South Carolina.

The other five counties are all located in Texas. Montgomery County, Collin County, Denton County, Williamson County, and Fort Bend County. What do they all have in common? Each of these counties is a suburb of a major city, whether it is Houston, Dallas, or Austin. Therefore, Texas’ population grew by 99,212 in just these five counties!

Montgomery County

During the pandemic, Conroe, the largest city in Montgomery County, became the fastest-growing city in the United States. Back then, its population grew by 39.3%. Another large city in Montgomery County, The Woodlands Township, consistently makes the top of’s list of best places to live. Additionally, the county holds Lake Conroe and the Sam Houston National Forest. Both places attract residents and visitors alike. It really is no surprise that Montgomery County made the list.

Why did Montgomery County come in in the number two spot? If major attractors are cost of living and home prices, then let’s look at those. Texas continues to have a lower cost of living on average compared to the US as a whole. However, Montgomery County sits right at the US average as its cost of living is 6.3% higher than the Texas average. Compared to big cities on the coasts, the county does have a lower cost of living. It goes to show that all things are relative.

Now let’s look at the median home price. According to the article, it is $360,020 for the county. This number is still higher than the national average. Regardless of the exact reasons, the county has attracted 25,501 new residents.

In 2024, Montgomery County is still at the top in migration numbers. It is growing fast! Drive down Hwy 105 and you will see is construction of businesses and restaurants. Housing like apartment buildings and planned subdivisions are also springing up. If you are interested in calling Montgomery County home, then contact Mike Goins at 936-444-5929. With his experience and knowledge of the area, he would love to help you find the perfect place for you to call home.