Six Home Design Trends for 2022

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Six Home Design Trends

With school starting and summer literally still in full swing, we are in that odd time of the year where we are already looking forward to what’s coming next. Our eyes look not only toward the fall but even beyond. Starbucks is releasing their Pumpkin … Read More

Boat Accident on Lake Conroe

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Boat Accident

Lake Conroe is a beautiful body of water. It can also be the site of tragedy. Last week on August 14th, a party boat capsized on the water. Sadly one person died and many more were injured. Let’s look into this boat accident on Lake … Read More

Lake Conroe Lowering Continues

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Lake Conroe Lowering Continues

After a summer filled with rainy afternoons, most residents living on or around Lake Conroe haven’t thought much about the lake lowering program. However, the annual second phase of the Seasonal Lake Lowering Phase (SLLP) began August 1st. Let’s see what the current issues are … Read More