Official Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Provider

Dave Ramsey ELP for Montgomery County TX

I'm honored to be a Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Provider. Dave, and his team, are very particular about who they will consider for this program. He holds his ELP Pros to very high standards in order to be considered for the program and to remain a part of the program. Fortunately for me, his emphasis on things like having the heart of a teacher, service not sales, and striving to educate and inform clients to make the best decisions they can for themselves are principles I have developed in my business over the years. We were a good match! Dave thoroughly reviews agents to find the best providers and only works with the top 5-10% of real estate agents. We all receive coaching and accountability as an ELP to help us best serve you. If you are not familiar with Dave Ramsey you should check him out at (it may change your life!) and to learn more about the ELP program visit here.

10 QUESTIONS to Ask Your Real Estate Agent

"Service, Not Sales" is my motto! Let me know how I can serve you. I look forward to it!