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Realtors are a dime-a-dozen! It's hard to know who to hire and what criteria to use for that decision. Rather than toot my own horn too much, click the links above to see unfiltered feedback by clients I've served in my real estate career spanning 3 decades now. I hope it'll help you get a feel for how I do business. A motto I have is "Service, not Sales". I hate someone trying to 'sell me'. I'll serve you well so we can sell your home, or help you buy one well. Here is a short list of things to consider as you choose your agent:

  1. Choose a full-time broker - the vast majority of realtors are part-time agents. I'm a full-time broker. This is not a part-time gig for me for extra income. There is a BIG difference in service level and experience between an agent and a broker, and a full-time realtor vs. a part-time realtor. Over my career I've seen first hand the thousands of dollars a good realtor or broker can save a buyer or seller. Do you really want to chance it?
  2. Check production levels - the average realtor is involved in 11 transactions a year. Look for someone doing at least double that. My transaction volume has been over 4x-5x the average agent.
  3. Check Reviews - these days a vindictive person can really wreck havoc in an age of social media so read these with discernment. You can tell a true client from a bad apple, and hearing from past clients helps you know what to expect.
  4. Check Marketing - how current is their marketing? The vast majority of home searching is online these days so how strong is their internet and media presence? Or are they still using yesterday's techniques to sell today's homes? My brokerage site at is a huge, well-built, machine with great SEO and millions of dollars of ad spend. Combine that with, the usual suspects everyone has like, Zillow,, etc, plus the social media advertising we do and you'll get great exposure for your property.
  5. Presentation - will they use high quality photography, drone, and videos? Or will they use their own iPhone pics and call it a day?  High quality photos, drone shots, and video are standard in my business, and free of charge to you.

Do you really want a part-time, low experience, low production realtor helping you with the one of the biggest decisions of your life? I think not! Give me a call today at 936-718-1370 or contact me in the form below.