Park on Lake Conroe Closes

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Park on Lake Conroe Closes

Every time I drive past Lake Conroe on Hwy 105, I pass Lake Conroe Park nestled between the highway and the water. It sits behind Amore’s Fine Dining. As of January 1st, it is no longer open to the public. Instead, the park on Lake Conroe is permanently closed.

History of Park

Since 1990, Lake Conroe Park has been open to the public as a way for residents and guests to enjoy the lake without living on its shore. The ability to swim, fish, grill, and play drew people to the 13-acre park. It existed as a partnership between the San Jacinto River Authority (SJRA), which owns the park, and Montgomery County for over thirty years.

Reasons for the Closure

According to the Conroe Community Impact, Montgomery County decided to terminate their long-standing lease agreement citing high maintenance costs. Despite raising the entrance fees in 2019, the costs still were not covered. You might wonder what they had to do to maintain the park. Well, in the past, they fixed the water well that serviced the area. In addition, there is always upkeep to do on the bulkheads.

However, according to the Houston Chronicle, there is another related reason. They wrote, “While the park was a popular destination for families, county officials said in the last several years, most of the visitors have been from out of Montgomery County.” Therefore, residents were not utilizing the park as they had in the past.

Future of the Park

At this point in time, the future of the park is unknown. However, the SJRA is open to other possibilities. Once the termination agreement is final, then they plan to look for a different partnership. So there is hope that it will open under new management for those who enjoyed going to Lake Conroe Park.

For now, you will have to make other plans since the park on Lake Conroe closed. If you are looking for a swimming and picnic area, then check out Scott’s Ridge Swim Site. It will open for swimming and recreation in May.