Homework Rooms: A New Trend

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Homework Room

Have you ever heard of homework rooms? I had not. It is a new trend according to HGTV. So let’s look into what a homework room is, what they look like, how it can adapt over the years. What is a Homework Room? Since the … Read More

Old Oak Taphouse in Plantersville

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Old Oak Taphouse

Today I wanted to highlight another new business that has opened in the area. You might not consider Plantersville, Texas in the Lake Conroe area, but it is super close. Between restaurants, the Texas Renaissance Festival, and Bernhardt Winery, there are more and more reasons … Read More

Declutter with Swedish Death Cleaning

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Declutter with Swedish Death Cleaning

Two months ago I introduced you to the concept of Swedish Death Cleaning. It is a process of letting go of material things that you don’t need, use, and even sentimental items. The latter proves to be the hardest one because we are so emotionally … Read More

Bluebonnets: A Texas Treasure

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Bluebonnets: A Texas Treasure

Bluebonnets are Texas’ state flower. The state legislature officially appointed them as such on March 7, 1901. They are covering the sides of roadways and pastures right now. Usually, they are mingled with other wildflowers like Indian paintbrushes and buttercups. Here are some reasons why … Read More

Houston Real Estate Defies Market Woes

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Houston Real Estate

According to Newsroom from Houston Association of Realtors, the local real estate market is defying market woes. Rising interest rates and low house inventory directly impact the market. Regardless, March saw a boost in sales. Why? Let’s look at both home buying and home leasing. Home … Read More

Lake Conroe Water Levels

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Water Levels

The April update from the Lake Conroe Association is now available. The President, Kevin Lacy, keeps us informed as to the water levels of our beloved lake, but also the fight that continues with the City of Houston. You can always get the update yourself by … Read More