Burger Fresh: Arguably the Best Burger in Town

Lara DeHavenLake Conroe, Local Business, Montgomery County

Burger Fresh

Just over a decade ago, Texas Monthly rated a burger in Conroe one of the best in Texas.  Burger Fresh on Gladstell Street ranked high on the prestigious list at #13.  A second location sits along busy Liberty Street in downtown Montgomery.  Painted proudly on its restaurant’s facade is the honor, which they continue to try to earn.  This weekend you can get a bite of what locals still believe is the best burger in either town at Burger Fresh.

The Texas Monthly described the 1/2 pound award-winning hamburger in the following manner:

We feared a place called Burger Fresh would be the work of health nuts, the kind of folk who perish if alfalfa sprouts are not made available. Instead we found a classically good Angus burger: hand-formed; kissed by a hot griddle; oozing plenty of artery-clogging juices; carefully but not pretentiously dressed with mustard and a ripe tomato slice above and mayo, lettuce, and slices of white onion below; and resting on one kick-ass sourdough bun flecked with bits of jalapeño and cheese.

What a description! If that doesn’t make your mouth water, I don’t know what will.

In 2019, new ownership of the restaurant in Conroe has brought new life to the burger joint while maintaining the award-winning burger’s integrity.  The interior has been refreshed and the menu has expanded to include more items, including a no-bun burger.  The latter is perfect for a ketogenic diet or others with a food intolerance to gluten.  The new owner must be doing something right. As of August 2020, Yelp ranked Burger Fresh #2 in best burger category for all of Montgomery County.

This past April a professional cleaning company sanitized Burger Fresh because of COVID-19.  A safe dining experience for their clientele is a priority.  Therefore, guests have both takeout and dine in options.  However they do not deliver.  So if you want a juicy, local burger, go to either location and enjoy great food at Burger Fresh.  It is arguably the best burger in town.