2020 Paint Colors: A Small Risk for a Big Pay Off

Lara DeHavenHomeowner Tips, Lake Conroe, Montgomery County

2020 Paint Colors

To paint or not to paint…that is the question.  With fall coming, it is the perfect time to consider painting your interior walls.  You can open your windows and let fresh air in and paint fumes out.  However between your time and the cost of paint, choosing the right colors to add value to your home is worth your while.  Finding popular 2020 paint colors you like and ones that will aid in the resale of your home are priceless.

Interior walls

Most people like neutral wall colors for resale.  Potential buyers want to be able to see the beauty of each room and be able to picture their furniture fitting in the space.  Currently grey or greige colors are trending; however, designers are calling beige the “comeback queen” according to Leah Groth at My Domaine.  Get ready to see lots of beige walls again.  If you want to be ahead of the curve, you can go ahead and jump on the beige train.  There are lots of different hues so be sure to pick one that showcases your home beautifully.

For those wanting to update the look of our home for yourselves, take a look at what is now being defined as neutral.  Most people would list whites, grays, and beiges, but neutral colors are expanding to include blush pink, navy blue, and black.  In fact according to the same article at My Domaine, dark, moody walls will be popular because of the cozy feeling they create.  Most people are not brave enough to commit to paint an entire room a dark color, but they will paint an accent wall.


In addition to an accent wall, another common place where people will experiment with a bold color is in the bathroom.  In fact according to a survey by Sherwin Williams, 33% of people choose to experiment with color in the bathroom.  A couple of years ago Zillow did a market analysis to see if paint colors added value to your home.  They found that a blue bathroom could raise the value of a house up to $6,000.  Periwinkle blue did particularly well as it evoked a spa-like feeling.  However Better Homes & Gardens likes navy blue for 2020.  They write, “When it comes to bold bathroom paint colors, navy blue is clean, classic, and noteworthy. When paired with white, it creates stylish contrast. Navy blue can inspire all kinds of bathroom styles including nautical, traditional, and preppy.”  Navy blue also is also considered a dark neutral, which fits into the expected design trend for 2020 and beyond.

If you are looking to appeal to potential home buyers, stick to the neutrals.  Since the definition of neutral is expanding to include darker colors, you have more options.  However, I would not go too far with the dark neutral trend as the typical homebuyer might not be ready for it.  On the other hand if you are looking to update your home with 2020 paint colors, these are some great ideas to stay on trend.  Choose colors that you love and complement your existing furniture and artwork.  Paint is just paint; you can always paint over what you don’t like.  It is not an expensive gamble, but a great paint color can add both beauty and value to your home.  Taking the risk could end in a big pay off.