Color Trends for the Fall of 2021

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Color Trends for the Fall of 2021

Color trends for home decor are most evident on design magazines and Pinterest boards. It seems to take a little time for store shelves and paint chips to catch up. Like with any home design trend, I think it is most important that you love your space. It is less important in my opinion that you follow trends. With that said, let’s find out the color trends for the fall of 2021.

Browns are Back

According to the current trends, gray is out and brown is back. This personally makes me a little sad as I love grays. However, fall is the perfect time to bring different shades of brown into your space. Taupes and browns can easily be incorporated with natural fibers and items. Stack firewood by the fireplace, set out natural baskets, etc. You don’t have to repaint your walls necessarily.

Pops of Color

Now this one makes me happy. Solid white kitchens and white shiplap walls are begging for pops of color, especially rich hues. Natural tones are really in like emerald green or deep teal. Of course, reds and yellows are not only natural but fun choices for pops of color. To see the 10 Biggest Fall Color Trends for this fall, click the link. These are not only colors you will see in home decor, but in fashion as well.

Black Accents

An easy way to accent your home decor with black is to use black picture frames. Photographers have known for years that black sets off their work. Now you can showcase your beautiful photography and be on-trend at the same time. Lamps and candlesticks are also great ways to incorporate this trend. If you want to go all-in, paint your interior doors black. It will give them an updated, fresh look.

There are many additional trends for the fall. To read more, click here.

Color is one of the easiest things to incorporate and change throughout your home. Blankets, throw pillows, lampshades, etc. are not very expensive and can be used skillfully to give pops of color. You do not have to repaint your home every season. The best advice I can give is to look at trends and see what you like, but above all stick to what you like. Your home should reflect you and your personality. It does not need to look Pinterest-worthy ever and certainly not for each season. So out of these three color trends for fall, which is calling your name?