Curb Appeal Step One: Paint Your Front Door

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Front Door Color

Everyone knows that curb appeal is important when trying to buy or sell a home, but it is equally important in the maintenance of your house.  Painting one’s front door is an easy first step to create better curb appeal.  It also is an inexpensive way to update the look of your house over the weekend.

You should definitely take into consideration the color of your home because the color of the front door needs to either complement it or blend in with it.  Nobody wants to use colors that clash.  You can choose a monochromatic, analogous, or complementary colors.  Use HGTV’s Color Wheel Primer to determine which colors work well with each other. Deciding which color out of all the possibilities can be daunting; therefore, let’s take a look at the top four colors to consider.


The most standard of front door colors is black, which exudes a traditional vibe.  Even though it makes a dramatic statement, it is the safest choice and works well with various colored homes.  It has stood the test of time, which makes black a good choice.


The most popular color for a front door is red.  There are many shades from an adventurous red-orange to a deep burgundy.  In some ways a red door can be like a woman’s lipstick, it dresses the house up and put its best face forward.


My personal favorite is blue.  I think blue is such a beautiful color and like red has a wide variety of shades.  Baby blue to Navy blue and everything in between gives you countless options.  A teal door or a royal blue door would make a huge, eye-catching statement while a Navy blue would be a safer, more traditional choice.


Yellow in any shade is a bold choice for a front door color.  A bright, canary yellow is a head turner.  It will definitely draw attention to your home and make it stand apart from its neighbors.  When done right, it is a beautiful choice.

The front door is where you are free to show your personality.  You cannot easily paint the entire house, but you can choose a traditional, popular, or bold color for your home depending on what you feel is best.  The sight of your front door hopefully makes you immediately feel at home.  It should also welcome your guests and/or potential home buyers.

A fresh coat of paint freshens up the curb appeal of your house.  Make sure you also repaint the trim around the door.  Think of it as framing your work of art.  By the way, most experts agree semi-gloss exterior paint is the best for front doors.

To draw more inspiration, check out “6 Most Popular Colors to Paint a Front Door.”  The article has tons of photos showcasing different colored front doors.  Give yourself some freedom to choose a color that not only expresses your personality, but showcases your home’s style.