Formal Dining Rooms Make a Comeback in 2024

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Formal Dining Rooms

In the 1700s, Jonathan Swift wrote, “Everything old is new again.” We can see this in fashion, design, and other trends as things once popular become popular again. As far as residential real estate goes, formal dining rooms are making a comeback in 2024.

Formal Dining Rooms

What sets a formal dining room apart? Walls. A formal dining room is considered a separate, designated place for one to dine. Many families have a more informal area like a breakfast room or a bar on the island in which to eat. However, more people are wanting a more formal dining experience.


In a world full of technology and less personal interactions, “…a dining room is a place of coming together with loved ones intentionally and focusing on nothing more than a good meal and each other (Milstein).” It is a place to gather and feast on delicious food and conversation. The dedicated dining room is as much a place to reconnect with people while you disconnect from work, computers, phones, etc.

Another advantage is tasting and enjoying your food. When we eat mindlessly, we don’t savor our fare or even realize how much we have eaten. Nutritionists and dieticians maintain that eating while undistracted is key to more healthy eating habits. “By putting your phone away, switching off the TV, and focusing instead on the textures and flavors of your food, you’ll quickly stop eating mindlessly and can instead enjoy your meal in a mindful manner (Petre).” Eating in a dining room set you apart from unhealthy, mindless eating.

Tips for to Make Open Dining More Formal

Even if you currently live in a home with an open floor plan, there are ways to make it feel more formal. Southern Living suggests making a “room within a room.” Set your dining area apart with a rug and a light fixture that is different from the rest of your home. You can make room boundaries without walls by utilizing a piece of furniture like a bar cart.

Regardless of if you have open dining or a formal dining option, you can always set boundaries for technology. Don’t allow phones at the table. Instead, seek to spend quality time with whoever sits around your table. Share life through intentional and meaningful conversation.

While formal dining rooms make a comeback in 2024, you can surmise that Americans crave more personal connection and interaction. There is no better place to connect with others than over food. It simply brings people together and a formal dining room sets you apart to focus on the people across the table. Now that is a comeback that we need.