Four Local Breweries in the Lake Conroe Area

Lara DeHavenLake Conroe, Local Business, Montgomery County

Local Breweries

With the increased interest in craft beer, it only makes sense that there would be more breweries offering their best unique brews.  The Lake Conroe area is no exception.  There are four local breweries that you should definitely check out: Southern Star Brewery, B-52 Brewing Co., Copperhead Brewery, and Cycler’s Brewery.

Southern Star Brewery

Founded in 2008, Southern Star Brewery sits in the heart of Conroe on Frazier St.  They are open four days a week and offer tours on Saturdays.  One can also rent out the taproom for private parties.  According to their website, they offer 16 different beers.  Some year-round and others seasonal.  One seasonal option that is available now is Oktoberfest.  For a true beer aficionado, they tell you the types of hops and yeast used in each brew.  Blonde Bombshell is their most popular beer.  They even have a Lil Cal beer, which is low in carbs and calories.

On Saturday, October 10th, they are hosting an Oktoberfest 2020 event with live music, food, and of course beer.  HEB carries beer from Southern Star Brewery, but there is nothing like visiting the brewery in person.  Food trucks offer many options for your dinner and/or snacks while you enjoy the ambience of the taproom.  This brewery is definitely one to check out in Conroe.

B-52 Brewing Co.

Sitting on 7 acres of outdoor space, B-52 Brewing Co. offers not only unique beer, but also a family-friendly space with horseshoes and ping-pong.  Their taproom is open five days a week.  They truly desire to create something different, which is why they call their brewery “a lab where we tinker and experiment to develop truly unique, hand-crafted beverages.” The brewmasters at B-52 have developed twenty different beers offered in either cans or bottles.  They have several beer menus.  Food trucks rotate on a schedule in order to offer delightful fare to their customers.

This Saturday, October 3rd, they are hosting B-52’s Oktoberfest Celebration.  Games, food, music, and beer will be available.  It is another great option for beer lovers to visit between Montgomery and Conroe.

Copperhead Brewery

Back on Frazier St. close to Downtown Conroe, Copperhead Brewery sits in two buildings and an outdoor space.  One building is the actual brewery where the magic happens.  The other is the pub where you can enjoy 11 different types of beer made on-site.  Copperhead Brewery earned a gold medal as well as Best Overall in Show at the Wild West Brewfest with their Striker IPA.  You can sample it and any other beers five days a week. They also offer private party rentals.  Copperhead Brewery is a terrific option to visit in Conroe.

Cycler’s Brewery

In Historic Montgomery, Cycler’s Brewery offers seven different beers.  The names of their brews are very unique like Ryed Hard or Bonked Imperial Pumpkin.  Cycler’s Brewery is not open every weekend so you will need to follow them on social media to receive updates.  They do distribute their beer all over the Houston area, including as far away as Brenham to Kingwood.  Therefore, it is one more brewery in the Lake Conroe area to try.

Even though the original German Oktoberfest in Munich occurs in September, you can still enjoy a Texan Oktoberfest this month while simultaneously supporting local breweries.  With the next two weekends with special Oktoberfest events, there is a lot for you to enjoy in the Lake Conroe area.  Then fill your social calendar for the rest of the month with planned visits to the other two local breweries.  It is a great way to enjoy the fall temperatures and support our local businesses.