Four Smart Home Tech Products to Increase Home Value

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Smart Home Tech

Whether you are selling your home or wanting to live in it forever, increasing your home’s value is never a bad idea.  Without much expense, you can install smart technology and bring your home into the 21st century.  According to the Zillow Group Report, “42% of Generation Z buyers and 37% of millennials rate smart home technology as highly important in their home search.” Therefore, let’s look at four smart tech products you can install to add more value to your home: a smart doorbell, smart door locks, smart thermostats, and a smart home hub.

Smart Doorbell:

With this technology, you can see who is ringing your doorbell without being home.  It typically is a camera mounted at the door, which via the internet notifies you when a visitor arrives.  It is activated when someone rings the doorbell and/or by its motion sensors.  According to Wirecutter, the best smart doorbell in 2020 is the Arlo Video Doorbell.  This product stood ahead of the competition because its technology enables it to distinguish between people, inanimate objects, and animals.  Its camera also provides sharp video.  For under $150, you can install the Arlo Video Doorbell.  Therefore, it is not a huge investment.  However, there are many other brands of smart doorbells on the market from which to choose.  Regardless of the brand, this example of smart home tech increases your home’s value.

Smart Door Lock:

In addition to the doorbell, step up your game with a smart door lock.  For keyless entry, a smart door lock is a must.  Wirecutter named the Yale Assure Lock SL as the best electronic keypad door lock based on its appearance and security features.  You can order one for $130.  It allows you to program up to 25 different codes and is highly rated for its security.  Again, there are many other kinds of smart door locks, but choosing to upgrade your home to keyless entry will be a smart decision.

Smart Thermostats:

Not only upgrade your regular thermostat for increased value, but enjoy a reduction in your energy bill.  Truly a win-win!  This smart home tech enables you to schedule your HVAC system for optimal usage.  Wirecutter picked Google Nest E as their top pick.  It will set you back $250, but they argue that you will recoup that investment in energy savings.  More importantly, potential home buyers will appreciate this particular product in smart home tech.

Smart Home Hub:

This technology is the nerve center of a smart home.  Technically it is the hardware or software that connects the smart devices in your home and controls the communication between them.  Both Wirecutter and PCMag selected Amazon Echo Dot as their top pick with Google Nest Mini making the cut with Wirecutter.  Regardless you need to ensure your other smart technologies are compatible with the hub you choose.  These devices enable you to use your voice to control your smart home tech.

If you are looking for ways to include smart home tech into your personal residence, these four technological devices are great places to start.  Increase your home value, allow it to compete with new builds, and enjoy the benefits of integrating technology without a huge financial investment.  These four choices are great places to start.  Of course, there are tons of additional smart home tech products available from light bulbs to security systems.  They just might be some of the smartest decisions you make in home upgrades.