Hiking Trails in Lake Conroe

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Hiking Trails

Now that the temperatures should begin to drop, Texans have more reason to enjoy the outdoors. Before it gets too cold, here are some hiking trails in the Lake Conroe area. They are all easy enough to do as a family as nothing is too steep or challenging in this neck of the woods.

Sam Houston National Forest

Lone Star Hiking Trail and Little Lake Creek Trail-

Together this trail is almost 14 miles long. So take that distance into consideration when making plans and inviting people to join you. It is probably the most challenging trail on this list for its length, how overgrown it can be at times, and for the amount of creeks you have to cross. The number one advice given for hikers is to bring plenty of water. October is the best month to enjoy this trail.

South Wilderness Trail-

This trail is only 7.3 miles and considered an easy trail. Waterproof shoes are recommended for crossing streams and the trail can become quite muddy if we have experienced rainfall.

WG Jones State Forest

Middle Lake Trail Loop-

This trail is just over 7 miles with very little elevation change; therefore, it is also considered an easy trial.

Sweetleaf Nature Trail and North Boundary Trail Loop-

This trail is a great starter hike for most people. Only 55 feet of elevation change and a distance of just over 2 miles, take your children and dogs.

John Burge Park

The John Burge Trail is also an easy one. Hike for 2.2 miles in a loop and enjoy being outside.

Carl Barton Jr. Park

The Carl Barton Jr. Park Loop is another easy trail. You will hike for 2.2 miles.

Lake Creek Preserve

Probably the easiest trail in this list, the Lake Creek Preserve Trail is 1.5 miles. October is one of the best months to enjoy this trail, which takes you to Lake Creek. They have laid down pavers and even a boardwalk to save hikers’ shoes. So again, it is a great trail to take even younger hikers.

So now you have seven hiking trails to explore this fall in the Lake Conroe area. Enjoy the cooler temps and fresh air as you walk in different forests and parks. It is great exercise as well as a way to explore nature. Dogs are also welcome on each of these trails, but must be on a leash. Let me know which are your favorite trails!