Lake Conroe Christmas Parade 2021

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Lake Conroe Christmas Parade 2021

Are you ready to see the boats parade upon the waters of Lake Conroe? They will be decorated for Christmas and most will be lit up with Christmas lights, which will reflect beautifully on the water. It is a spectacular, free, community event. Here are all the details for the Lake Conroe Christmas Parade 2021.

Date & Time

On Saturday, December 11th at 5:30 p.m. be ready to watch the parade.


It is not too late to join the festivities with your own boat. You can register here. It does cost $40. And your boat is required to be fully decorated. Also you have to attend a Captain’s Breakfast the morning of the event.

Raising Funds

The Lake Conroe Christmas Parade has chosen two recipients to help out this year. The first is Children’s Safe Harbor Organization. The second is the Marine Division of the Montgomery County Precinct 1. All proceeds raised from registration, donations, etc go to these two organizations. Also parade participants are donating gifts for children, which will be dispersed appropriately. Therefore, the parade will not only brighten the sky on December 11th, but also Christmas for many local children, too.


If it wasn’t enough to see a parade of boats sail across the water, there will also be fireworks. The display will end the Boat Parade with a boom.

Viewing Locations

For the most up-to-date information, follow Lake Conroe Live on Instagram. As of now, many local restaurants will be great viewing spots. Restaurants like Fajita Jacks, Monty’s Lighthouse, Breakwater Grille, and Akashi. The Bentwater Yacht Club would be a great place for members. Or anywhere from the Waterpoint Shopping Center.

The Lake Conroe Christmas Parade 2021 will be sure to be a highlight of the year. It is not only fun and family-friendly, but enables the community to come together to help two worthy organizations. It is a chance to give back and pay it forward. The event illustrates how great our community is when we come together. The Lake Conroe area is a great place to live.