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Lake Conroe & Imelda got along just fine! For those tracking Tropical Storm Imelda and curious how it impacted Lake Conroe I wanted to post that it has largely been a non-event for the immediate Lake Conroe area.

You can view the rainfall totals for the last two days (toggle ‘Sites By Agency’ and choose ‘San Jacinto River Authority’) and see that there were two areas around Lake Conroe that received just under 5″ over the last two days. Every other rain collection site used by SJRA was well under that total for Imelda.

SJRA sent out regular updates to those signed up for text alerts and the lake level barely moved over the last few days. There were no releases of water through the dam because the Lake Conroe watershed averaged about 1.5″ of rain with each update they sent.

There was some flooding in the general area, but that was mostly on the southeast area of the lake in the heart of Conroe. These are areas that are known low areas.

As with Harvey, the Lake Conroe area did far better than what you would ever guess if you are watching the national news coverage of Houston and the Gulf Coast region. Lake Conroe is far enough north and high enough in elevation that the results and effects of these storms are much more devastating to Houston while minimally impacting Lake Conroe in comparison.

The issues from this storm were south of us and east of us which is common. In my opinion, SJRA has done a good job of better communicating better since Harvey and has really stepped up their game in that department. It was helpful to get regular updates as to what the situation was. They have also done a good job of developing materials to educate the public on just how little Lake Conroe contributes to the water in the Lake Houston area.

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